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Whittier Club

Formed in 1886, the Whittier Club is the primary, local group concerned with keeping the life and work of the Poet alive for the others to enjoy. Two meetings, open to the public, are held each year— in June and December.

The Haverhill Whittier Club held its initial meeting at the Summer Street Home of James R. Nichols. It was founded by a group of residents of the city of Haverhill and the town of Bradford. These admirers of poet John Greenleaf Whittier brought together his friends and admirers, promoted further study of writings and by shared unpublished poems or facts about his life. Most, if not all, of the original members of the Club and others soon admitted to membership knew Whittier personally in various degrees of familiarity. The Club is unique in having existed for more than one hundred years as an organization dedicated to literary and custodial activities centered about one writer.

The original membership of the Club during its early days was an exclusive one whose membership roster contained the names of the most prominent citizens of Haverhill and Bradford. Today, membership in the Whittier Club is open to everyone who values the life and work of the poet.

Board of Control

President Margaret Toomey
Vice President Catherine Latourelle
Secretary Mandy Whittier Breton
Treasurer John McCutcheon  
Board of Control:

Elinor Curtin-Cameron
Augustine Reusch
Roberta Delrosso